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  • 2018 July Happy Everything!™ Background Downloads

    July is one of the hottest months of the year, so it’s important to find ways to keep cool all summer long. Help beat the mid-summer heat by refreshing your cell phone and desktop backgrounds with our FREE downloads.
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  • Father’s Day Celebration

    Dads hold a special place in our hearts. They are our protectors, our heroes and always there for life’s moments both big and small. We think that may just be a few of the reasons why we love when we get to celebrate these amazing men for a change!
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  • 3 Ways To Organize Your Life

    We’ve all been there. Waking up to the alarm you’ve snoozed for the third time this morning and instantly realizing you are already behind on the laundry, the grocery shopping and the meal planning for the week. Your mind races to your work to-do list, and now you are officially overwhelmed. All this before you have even had your first sip of coffee.
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  • 2018 June Happy Everything!™ Background Downloads

    It’s officially June, and there are a million reasons to celebrate. Family vacations, days spent by the pool, backyard barbecues, the list goes on and on!
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  • 2018 May Happy Everything!™ Background Downloads

    Hello sunshine and hello May! When the weather is this nice, the only place we want to be is outside. Lucky for you, you can snag a bit of the sunshine for yourself with our FREE cellphone and desktop background downloads. Make this month the happiest one yet.
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  • Kyle: A Mother’s Day Gift

    My sisters and I all agree that our mom is a hard person to shop for. When she finds something she really likes, she goes ahead and buys it for herself. Rarely, we’ll catch her saying “I really need…” or “I really want….” and we’ll have to make a quick note about it for the next holiday, birthday, etc.
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  • Kyle: Behind the Design of Emerald

    As we’ve recently launched our new Emerald line for the world to see, I’d like to think its green and white color combination joins the other timeless classics, like blue and white (another personal favorite), that serve up unlimited possibilities and inspiration. You’ll find it’s a good baseline “blank” canvas to build out a beautiful tablescape or room décor. I love that it’s colors and patterns transition well from season to season – from an outdoor spring party to Christmas dinner paired with other holiday favorites. It also mixes well with both modern and traditional pieces. While I wouldn’t say it necessarily served as inspiration for the line, I will say I’m excited to pair these pieces with my own wedding china, which features a delicate green floral design (Chinese Bouquet in green by Herend).
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  • What’s for Dinner?

    We all have heard (and asked) the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” When it comes to the most planned of the three daily meals, what it’s served on is just as important. That’s where we come in. We’re here to inspire you to dress up your dinnertime spread and make it exciting, so you won’t dread planning it. So, what’s on tonight’s menu for us, you ask? One of our favorites… Ybor Chicken. With this recipe, we’re going back to our Miami roots. Want to take the trip with us? See below for the recipe.
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  • Happy Everything!™ Cinco de Mayo Celebration

    We’ve got fiesta fever! Cinco de Mayo is less than a month away, and we are already planning the party. There’s just something about this festive holiday that we can’t help but get on board with. It may be all the bright and vibrant decorations or even the fact that we now have another fun reason to celebrate with friends. (Let’s be honest - it’s probably mostly due to tacos and margaritas being involved).
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  • Happy National Siblings Day!

    For National Siblings Day we thought we’d highlight one of our favorite sister duos here at Coton Colors – Kyle (Creative Director) and Sara Kate (Photographer). Take a look at a fun little Q&A from our 2017 Fall Holiday Edition of Toast magazine.
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  • 2018 April Happy Everything!™ Background Downloads

    Happy 1st day of April! If you would like to purchase your background download please follow these steps. APRIL FOOLS! We are totally kidding about you having to purchase this background download. This is our gift to you this month and every month. Enjoy your little slice of FREE happy anywhere you go.
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  • Laura: Happy Birthday, Dad!

    The man who has taught me so much about what a life well lived means has a milestone 80th birthday this weekend. Given his birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to have him as my dad. Lucky to have daily conversations with him… Lucky to hear his funny remarks and bits of advice… Lucky to have had a successful businessman to lean on while growing my business… He is a wise man that has taught me so much, especially in the 20 1/2 years that he has been by my side (literally, his office is right next door to mine) building this company.
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