Serving Dishes

Elevate any gathering into an occasion to remember with carefully curated serveware designs from Coton Colors. Our serving dishes were created to beautify your space and help you set a tablescape everyone will enjoy. From Signature White serveware to thoughtful designs to elevate everyday dining to intimate family dinners and festive gatherings, our serving dishes bring style and function to any home.

Start your collection of serving dishes with an entertaining essential, the Signature White Ruffle Round Platter. This strong foundation can be layered with warm natural elements like our Fundamental Wood Ruffle Platter or paired with a Balsam and Berry Ruffle Round Platter for the holidays to create a tablescape your family will enjoy gathering around. Our serving dishes are designed to mix and match with other Coton Colors designs or boldly stand alone, effortlessly enticing those around the table to enjoy the occasion.

Seasonal Serving Dishes

Our festive serveware is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend with your year-round favorites to make every holiday gathering a stylish occasion. Create colorful place settings with seasonal serving dishes or add a pop of color to a neutral tablescape. Stock up on seasonal favorites and keep your holidays filled with meaningful moments around the table.

Everyday Serving Dishes

The functional everyday serving dishes in this collection of entertaining essentials include designs that instantly become your favorite and inspire your best tablescapes yet. Thoughtfully curated to complement any home décor, our everyday serving dishes are as stylish as they are functional. Easily giftable and versatile, our serving dishes make stunning home décor when not in use, inspiring spaces for family and friends to enjoy casual gatherings or formal occasions.

Lidded Serving Dishes

Style and function blend perfectly with our lidded serving dishes on your table or staged as home décor. As practical as they are stunning, serving dishes with lids can add visual interest to a tablescape and intrigue to the presentation of a family favorite at mealtime. Easily giftable, each lidded serving dish was thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with your favorite Coton Colors serving dishes.

From our Signature White serving dishes to seasonal designs that add festive décor to any occasion, our serving dishes are created to make everyday dining occasions to remember. Add stylish décor to any gathering and bring people around the table to celebrate all moments, big and small. Effortlessly extend everyday meals into impromptu dinner parties with the stylish and versatile designs of our collection of serving dishes.

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