Find Contemporary Style with the New Crew Collection

Have you been on the hunt for a unique, everyday dinnerware set? Are you looking to switch out the same old plates for something bold yet versatile? Set your table with the striking, modern designs of the Crew Collection

With a bold, signature edge and statement colors, these black and white dishes are one of our best-sellers for a reason. Learn how to effortlessly style your home with our scalloped dishes and set the table with a complete dish set. If you haven’t stocked your cabinets with the Crew Collection yet, this is your sign to change that!

Why is Everyday Dinnerware Important?

In the hustle and bustle of our world, slowing down to celebrate the little moments makes all the difference—and that starts with the dish sets you use daily. While it may seem small, investing in everyday dinnerware that fits your tastes and makes you smile is one way to show off your style and intentionally appreciate your life. Make memories over black and white dishes you love, from your average family breakfast to setting the table for spontaneous get-togethers.

Everyday Dinnerware Should Be:

  • Reflective of your home décor and style
  • Made up of colors and patterns you love
  • Versatile and usable

Introducing the Crew Collection

Find instant style with one of our new favorite dish set designs—the Crew Collection. Using an updated take on classic shapes, these black and white dishes are a best-seller for customers and our families alike! No matter the occasion, these scalloped dishes bring a timeless feel to any tablescape and elevate home décor. If you enjoy a twist on traditional dish sets, the Crew Collection is for you!

Inspiration for Our Crew Collection

Our Crew scalloped dishes were designed to complement any other Coton Colors collections. Setting the table with the neutral hues and dramatic scalloped edge creates a completely transformable base layer, giving the host full creativity to put together the tablescape of their dreams using colorful table linens and mixing and matching other dinnerware and serveware items. Create an eye-catching look with these black and white dishes on their own or with other styles.

When these statement scalloped dishes aren’t being used, they make beautiful, stand-alone home décor pieces. With a unique edge and universal hues, you can store your black and white dishes in plain sight as décor and enjoy the look of this everyday dish set 24/7.

3 Distinctive Elements of the Crew Collection

With a few simple design elements and a tailored style, our Crew dish set has three main details that make it unique: 

1. Unique Arabesque Edge
Each black and white dish has a scalloped trim of linear repeating patterns adorning the edge, from the mug sets to the dinner plates. Inspired by the arabesque shape found in Moroccan architecture, you can set the table with this ornament design of intertwined lines for a visually unique look that works for any occasion.

2. Timeless Black and White Colors
Black and white dishes are perfect for every day because they never go out of style, and they coordinate with everything. The bold, deep black paired with the neutral white gives a striking contrast to set the tone for your next gathering. Personalize the look with vibrant napkins, complementary dinnerware, and more for a complex and unforgettable table every time.  

3. Contemporary Meets Traditional
It’s too hard to choose between owning a completely contemporary or traditional dish set—so why not have the best of both worlds with the modern-meets-classic design of Crew? With a timeless, repeating pattern and neutral colors that work with everything, these scalloped dishes will always be on-trend. 

Is the Crew Collection Giftable?

Short answer—yes! Scalloped dishes from the Crew Collection are a thoughtful, helpful, and beautiful gift for anyone. Buy a bowl set for a loved one’s birthday, wrap up a mug set for a sweet hostess gift, or add the black and white dishes to your wish list for family members to find gift inspiration during the holidays.

What’s Included In the Crew Collection?

Invest in a complete scalloped place setting or grab individual pieces to add to your dinnerware collection: 


The Black Arabesque Trim Scallop Edge Platter is a one-of-a-kind option for serveware, using negative space to create a black and white dish design and scalloped detail. Serve deviled eggs at your next gathering with this striking platter, or use it as a tray on your vanity to display your perfumes and lotions. 

Dinner Plates

Featuring a swooping edge of intersecting arabesque shapes, the Black Arabesque Trim Scallop Dinner Plates can be a stylish staple in any home. Set the table and serve up family dinner, or display your decorative plates around the house for an edgy yet classic look with these scalloped plates.

Salad Plates

The Black Arabesque Trim Scallop Salad Plates make the perfect companions to the larger dinner plates. Layer them with other dinnerware designs, or set the black and white dishes on their own for a stunning place setting. The size and unique scallop edge make these the perfect dishes for serving starter courses and sweet treats!


From enjoying cereal for breakfast to serving up your favorite chili recipes, the Black Arabesque Trim Scallop Small Bowl can do it all. Functional and beautiful, these small bowls feature a ceramic swoop edge and a tasteful black-and-white pairing, making them perfect for any tabletop or home décor. 


Enjoy hot apple cider or serve after-dinner coffee to your guests in the Black Arabesque Mug. Elevate your mug collection or beautify your coffee bar with the stunning geometric pattern and black and white design. With large handles and perfect size, this mug set is a great addition to any household. 

3 Ways to Use the Crew Collection in Home Décor

Store these beautiful black and white dishes in plain sight by including them in your home décor:

  1. Display decorative plates around the house. Feature the scalloped plates in a gallery wall or tuck them in bookshelves with plate stands for depth and style. 
  2. Set out a scalloped bowl as a catch-all tray for keys by your front door.
  3. Corral remotes and house magazines on your coffee table with a scalloped platter.

With the unforgettable scalloped edge and bold use of black and white, the Crew Collection is the perfect blend of modern and timeless. Collect the entire dish set or mix and match it with your everyday dishes, and enjoy designing table settings for your next gathering!

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