Red Bengal Stripe Appetizer Spreader



Spread delicious flavors and impeccable style with our Red Bengal Stripe Appetizer Spreader. With a handy and handsome design, this appetizer spreader is ideal for spreading pate, cheese, butter, jam, dip, and more. It’s a perfect entertaining accompaniment for our Appetizer Spreaders and Appetizer Forks but can also be used alone to adorn your favorite cheese tray! This spreader also makes a great gift for a new homeowner.

This appetizer spreader features a ceramic and metal design, vibrant red and white stripes along the handle, and durability that ensures this spreader will last for years to come. From quiet nights to large gatherings with friends and family, this spreader’s main use will be spreading joy throughout your home.

Spread the taste of happiness with our Red Bengal Stripe Appetizer Spreader.

Material: Ceramic, stainless steel
Dimensions: 5.5in L x 1.25in W x 0.75in H
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: Hand wash

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