Pink Knitted Blanket


$50.99 $74.00

Don’t take home just any baby blanket. Our Pink Knitted Blanket, created in partnership with zestt organics, makes a perfect addition to your nursery. This blanket features the Global Organic Textile Standard seal, so you know it’s free of chemicals and pesticides and manufactured in a way that is sustainable, socially conscious, and free of any child labor. Keep this blanket for your little one or give a perfect gift to the baby of someone special.

This blanket features a light pink color and a soft, chunky knit made from 100% organic cotton in a perfect size for keeping at home or taking on the go. This blanket will surround the little ones in your life with love for years to come.

Celebrate the little moments that make parenthood special with our Pink Knitted Blanket.

Material: 100% Organic cotton
Dimensions: 32in L x 40in W
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: n/a

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