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Koala Glass Ornament

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This ornament is pure “koala-fied” cuteness! Our Koala Glass Ornament features a hand-drawn portrait of one of our favorite animals from Down Under. The unique style, adorable design, and personalization options mean you can hang this piece on your Christmas tree during the holidays or pair it with one of our ornament stands and display it year-round!

This ornament features an adorable koala with a floral crown, metallic gold background, and dainty flowers dotted around the background. Whether you’re putting together a zoo-themed nursery or just love koalas, this ornament is a must-have for any animal lover.

Bring the wild into your home with our Koala Glass Ornament.

Front and Back View of Koala Glass Ornament Placed Side by Side
Koala Glass Ornament Sale price$24.95