New Beginnings Mailbox Glass Ornament


$14.99 $23.95

We’re moving! Send gifts! Whether you’re going to a housewarming party or moving into a new home of your own, our New Beginnings Mailbox Glass Ornament will help capture the excitement behind this wonderful memory. We love to gift this ornament to new neighbors and close friends. Plus, personalization options mean you can make it even more special.

Each ornament features a silver background with a white mailbox and writing, red glitter accents, and a red and white striped bow on top. Keep the hand-painted design for yourself, or use the matching gift box and ribbon to gift it to someone dear to you. You can even hang it with your first house key for an added bonus!

Celebrate the feeling of coming home with our New Beginnings Mailbox Glass Ornament.

Material: Glass, metal, ribbon
Dimensions: 100mm
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: Fragile - Handle with care. Store ornaments in their box in a temperature controlled environment

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