Baby’s First Milestones Glass Ornaments, Set of 4


$49.99 $79.95

Celebrate the incredible milestones your little one will achieve during their first year with our sweet Baby’s First Milestones Glass Ornament set. From getting their first tooth and taking their first steps to saying their first word, these custom-shaped and hand-blown ornaments will help you enjoy the excitement of your baby’s first year of life for years to come.

Our Coton Colors team designs every ornament to celebrate the joys of life, and we know you’ll love decking the halls with reminders of your little one’s big moments! Our original designs help you celebrate their first word, first tooth, first steps, and first haircut, moments that leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Capture each milestone of your baby’s first year with our set of Baby’s First Milestones Glass Ornaments.

Material: Glass, metal, ribbon
Dimensions: First Word: 5in Diameter x 2.25in W x 2.25in H, First Steps: 2.25in L x 1.25in W x 2in H, First Tooth: 2.25in Diameter x 2.25in W x 2.25in H, First Haircut: .5in Diameter x 2.75in W x 2.25in H
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: Fragile - Handle with care. Store ornaments in their box in a temperature controlled environment

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