Fundamentals Pine

Bring bold color and sustainable style to every gathering with our Fundamentals Pine Collection. The beautiful pine accents effortlessly blend with other colors for rich and versatile looks that elevate the feel of every occasion throughout the year. Elegant yet relaxed, the hand-stitched accents on our textiles and the warm, environmentally friendly design of our acacia wood utensils inspire a look you will love and moments to remember.
Our Color Block Pine Napkins make it easy to host a holiday gathering or savor an intimate dinner for two, creating moments that are anything but expected. The soft, signature linen paired with Fundamentals Pine Wood Appetizer Utensils combine to become your favorite go-to entertainment essentials and signature style. Mix and match the Pine Collection with other Color Block accents to design the perfect décor for every celebratory moment.
Choose our textiles and wood accents for their beauty and keep coming back for their sustainability and function. You will love the endless color combinations that complement other Coton Colors collections and blend to create tablescapes you love. Share these giftable shapes in a thoughtfully curated gift basket or as grab-and-go gifts for any occasion.
Savor the bold color and sustainable design of our Fundamental Pine Collection.

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