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Article: The Lollipop Jar: A Nod to Nostalgia and New Beginnings

The Lollipop Jar: A Nod to Nostalgia and New Beginnings

The Lollipop Jar: A Nod to Nostalgia and New Beginnings

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting reintroduction of a beloved classic: the Lollipop Jar! This delightful creation holds a special place in our hearts, as it was one of the original designs from the Coton Colors collection.  

After a brief hiatus from our product line, we are overjoyed to announce that the Lollipop Jar is now offered in our updated Signature White Collection.  


According to Laura Johnson, our Founding Artist and CEO, this modern rendition of the beloved jar in the classic Signature White color palette adds a contemporary flair while maintaining the timeless charm that made the original so beloved.  

Read on to learn more about the design’s history and inspiration behind the creation, discover the meaning behind the name, and learn how to style them in your home. 


The Story Behind the Lollipop Jar Name 


The story behind The Lollipop Jar is one of fond memories and cherished moments, according to Laura.  


It all began years ago when she first started creating pottery. She stumbled upon a raw clay sculpture of a charming round jar with a lid and a round knob, and  couldn't resist painting it in all different color stripes. It quickly became a staple in the Johnson home, and Kyle, Sara Kate, and Mary, her three daughters, affectionately dubbed it the "Lollipop Jar" after the sweet treats it held. 


A New Meaning Behind the Design 


Speaking of family, the inspiration behind the product name "Lollipop Jar" holds a special and new significance to Laura and her family. 

As a brand-new grandmother to Emma, Laura said she couldn't help but feel that the arrival of the Lollipop Jar was perfectly timed. It's a testament to the cyclical nature of life — new beginnings intertwined with cherished memories.  

As a family-based lifestyle brand, we love connecting the little details of our lives to our designs – so the launch of the “Lollipop Jar” following Emma’s birth was an endearing connection.  



About Signature White Lollipop Jars 


Regarding the memorable shape in its early days, there was something about its shape and style that just resonated with Laura; it felt like a natural extension of her own aesthetic. 

Available in two sizes, Medium and Large, the ceramic Lollipop Jar is a fitting addition to the Signature White Collection with its original design and the signature of Laura on the bottom.  


The neutral color palette of these jars allows you to seamlessly add them into any space and instantly elevate the overall look and feel. Whether you’re an avid Signature White collector or your home is filled with a variety of Coton Colors designs, patterns, or colors, these signature jars are truly a go-with-anything design.  

Perfectly giftable, Lollipop Jars are the perfect present for any occasion and an ideal addition to any Coton Colors collection.  


Our 5 Favorite Ways to Use Lollipop Jars 


Lollipop Jars aren’t just sweet and stylish – they're multifunctional, which is just another reason we love them. Here are some of our favorite ways to use and style Lollipop Jars: 


  1. As a kitchen counter organization solution 
  2. As a vase for florals or plants  
  3. As a bathroom vanity storage solution 
  4. As home décor  


Kitchen Counter Storage – Store these jars on your kitchen counter to hold coffee pods, tea bags, baking necessities like flour or sugar, or even favorite treats like – shockingly, enough – lollipops!  

Vase or Container for Flowers or Plants - Remove the lid from the jar and transform it into a stylish vase for cut flowers or container for potted plants. For potted plants, take care to add drainage (click here to learn how) in the bottom before potting. We love ferns or even orchids.  

Bathroom Counter Storage – Stow a set of Lollipop Jars on your vanity or bathroom counter to make storing Q-Tips, cotton balls, makeup wipes, or self-care products extra stylish.  

Coffee Table Storage – One way to elevate coffee stable storage is to use a jar to hold TV or speaker remotes.  

Decor {or hidden storage within shelves} - Display your Lollipop Jars as decorative pieces, or hide knick knacks inside. We also recommend purchasing multiple sets to display down the center of your dining table or on top of a console table or sideboard throughout your home for a decorative statement. 



Our Favorite Features of Signature White Lollipop Jars 

A few of our favorite features of these reimagined Lollipop Jars include: 


  • Lollipop Jar lids feature a rubber seal to lock in freshness.  
  • White hand painted brushstrokes create visual interest in the neutral jar. 
  • A round knob lid makes opening and closing the jar easy. 
  • Available individually and as a set of two. 
  • The lid can be removed to instantly transform into a charming floral vase. 


Join Us in Celebrating the Return of Signature White Lollipop Jars 


“To all of our dear customers, I invite you to join us in celebrating the return of the Lollipop Jar. Whether you fill it with lollipops, sweet treats, or cherished mementos, may it bring joy and warmth to your home, just as it has for mine. Cheers to new beginnings and nostalgic memories!” - Laura 


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