Meeting Baby Smith

What an incredibly wonderful year it has been for our family, full of so many happy celebrations! And welcoming our first grandchild on August 4 {a girl at that}, has truly been an incredibly special experience.   

Meet Emma Hill.  

After a night full of anticipation, Emma was born mid-afternoon to an already adoring fan base eager to welcome her into the family. After hearing her first {soft and sweet} cries from the hallway, a favorite memory of mine is when Warren opened the door with one of his signature grins and asked the simple question, "Want to come meet her?” 

But of course! And when I first saw her, I had a profound sense of love at first sight; she instantly stole my heart. I was simply blown away by her, and perhaps for the first time ever, speechless. 

I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like it.  

Upon meeting her, I was most surprised at the rush of memories that overtook me: remembering when my daughters were born, the journeys each of them has taken, and thinking of all the many life experiences ahead for Emma. A new life just beginning is truly something. 

What She's Like

Calm and peaceful is the way I would describe her, and these words suit her best. From the very start, she has looked at us with complete wonder, like she is trying to figure it all out. She sleeps a lot, seeming to let nothing bother her. Easily shuffling between the many who have patiently waited their turn to hold her, she takes it all in stride, perhaps with an adorable yawn or two, and she happily settles back into slumber without any fuss.

Can she really be this tiny? 

Who She Looks Like

It is so surprising to me how often her looks change. First, I see Kyle, and moments later, I see Warren. She is the perfect blend of them both, both in her looks and her personality. But mostly, I see a tiny perfection, simply growing into her own self. Although still incredibly tiny, I have enjoyed the changes I have seen over the past few weeks. 

Getting To Know Her

Emma has been sleepy so far, waking up only to eat when she is hungry and to look around. Sometimes this is followed by a bit of scrunching and a whole lot of kicking. She looks around quite a bit already, listening intently to the noises surrounding her, which is quite endearing. 

Seeing Kyle enjoy this special sweet time with Emma has been a joy as well. Completely putting down her design work, she has surrounded herself with motherhood and devoting this time to enjoying the newborn bubble. And I couldn’t be prouder. 

We are all quite attached to our newest little "‘atta girl!"

From Mother to Daughter

Watching both Kyle and Warren become parents has been as much fun as meeting Emma. They have entered parenthood with so much calm and peace, it’s no wonder I describe Emma’s personality as such. It’s lovely to see how attentive to every need, to both her and each other, they are, and I think they look at her with as much wonder as she looks out into the world. 

Friday's Child

Emma Hill was born on a Friday, and for her, the rhyme "Friday's child is loving and givingholds true.  

Already, in her first few weeks she has been loving and has given me all the happy feelings.... joy, excitement, pride, nostalgia, magic.  

- Laura 


Congratulations! So happy for the proud parents & grandparents! Emma is so precious!! Love her name, too! Our granddaughters are both E’s : Ella and Emerson! Enjoy every moment and milestone! Jaren

Jaren Webb September 29, 2023

Congratulations on your precious granddaughter! So excited for your family, what a wonderful year!

Megan Kelly September 29, 2023

Laura, such a wonder filled with such joy. Blessings on dear Emma and her family. As you well know there is no greater joy than bringing a daughter into this world! Wishing you all continued happiness. Eileen

Eileen September 29, 2023

I loved reading this, Laura! Many, many congratulations to you all. I hope to meet sweet Emma Hill sometime soon and give you all big hugs!

Samantha Pappas September 29, 2023

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