Our Featured Favorite: Signature White Ruffle Pasta Bowl

Welcome back to our Featured Favorite series, where we highlight our favorite everyday {or seasonal} products and discuss why we love these designs and how we use them in our day-to-day lives.   

For this week’s Featured Favorite, we are showcasing our Signature White Collection’s effortlessly stylish and perfectly functional Signature White Ruffle Pasta Bowl. This versatile, medium-sized bowl features our signature ruffled edges for a go-with-anything look, perfect for complementing many of our other dinnerware and serveware styles or creating a matching white tablescape.   

Ruffled Edge Detail

Enjoy a hint of our signature ruffle shape made timeless with this unique pasta bowl. This pasta dish features a dainty signature ruffled edge on its handles, also found in our Fundamentals Collection. The Ruffle Pasta Bowl is durable, made of stoneware, and smooth to the touch, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor dining {we love using it for both}.  


This 11” Ruffle Pasta Bowl features hand-painted white and cream brushstrokes, matching our other Signature White Ruffle pieces. Two ruffled handles tie this bowl together with the rest of the artisan-inspired collection.  

Easy to coordinate  

The simple and clean look of the Signature White Ruffle Pasta Bowl is a fundamental staple for any starter {or experienced} kitchen. Because of its simplicity, familiar ruffled edge found in our other designs, and clean look, it’s easy to coordinate with other patterns and designs to add a pop of color to your table.  

Ways to use your Ruffle Pasta Bowl 

The Signature White Ruffle Pasta Bowl is multi-use and oh-so-versatile. Three ways to use your Ruffle Pasta Bowl: 

  1. Serveware  
  2. Home décor 
  3. Storage

As serveware  

The Ruffle Pasta Bowl is meant to be used as a beautiful way to serve food or dine with. It provides the perfect dish for enjoying spaghetti, serving roasted vegetables, or enjoying an artfully plated dessert.  

As home décor 

Another special feature of this pasta bowl is that it can serve as beautiful home décor. Use this bowl as a stand-alone piece on a shelf in the kitchen, hung on a wall in the dining room, or as a catch-all on the kitchen counter.  

As storage 

Because of its convenient size, the Ruffle Pasta Bowl can also be used to store items in a stylish manner. Simply fill the bowl with items, such as napkins, fruits or vegetables, or other household or kitchen essentials.  

Serve up memories and your favorite family dishes with our Signature White Ruffle Pasta Bowl.  

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