Mood Board: Lunar New Year

Let’s Plan a Gathering

The new year sparks new reasons to celebrate and we have just the gathering to kick off 2023 in festive spirit. Gather and host your own Lunar New Year celebration with a Chinese zodiac themed evening that’s sure to create lasting memories for your guests. 


The Mood 

After a short reprieve following the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there’s no better time than now to celebrate with a little festivity again.


Set the scene for a Lunar New Year party and make your guests feel the festive spirit come to life with bold décor that’s inspired by the unique Chinese culture. 


A few descriptors of the gathering:  

  • Lively  

  • Traditional  

  • Celebratory


The Colors 

Any Chinese zodiac-themed soirée has to incorporate bold hues of red mixed with metallic gold – two classic colors resembling prosperity and good spirits.


To balance out the bold red and metallic gold, try setting your foundation with whites, and then incorporating black and other colorful tones from our Chinese Zodiac Collection to bring the look together. 


Featured Hues:  

  • Metallic Gold  

  • Punchy Red 

  • Neutral White  

  • Bold Black

The Décor

A Lunar New Year celebration calls for custom Chinese décor mixed with modern designs. Since our gathering was a more celebratory occasion (as we were also commemorating a few birthdays) we opted for a more festive feel with hanging lanterns and florals throughout a set table. 


To tie in the theme, we set the table with custom place settings of different Chinese Zodiac Bowls for each guest to find their seat based off their signs. 


So, what’s left to plan for this gathering? 

Now that the overall theme and style is set, next we recommend scheming the perfect menu and serving spread for your Lunar New Year gathering. Go the bolder route and try new recipes inspired by Chinese cuisine!


Want to host a Lunar New Year Gathering of your own? Print the mood board above, start scheming, and stock up on everything you need here. We’d love to take a seat at your table {even if it has to be virtually!}, so be sure to post the finished product and tag us @cotoncolors and #celebratewithCC so we can cheers to you, too! 

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