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Article: Mood Board: Gumbo and the Game

Mood Board: Gumbo and the Game

Mood Board: Gumbo and the Game

Let’s Plan a Gathering 

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, our family knows one thing for sure: it is finally football season. As lifelong fans of the Florida State University football team, the Seminoles, our house is usually packed with family and friends every Saturday during fall. Casual but elevated watch parties have become somewhat of a tradition in our home. And because we have so many, we make them easy to plan and host...on purpose! 

The Inspiration 

Our inspiration? Capturing the start of a new season. And what better indicator of the kickoff of fall is there than football? To do so, we depend heavily on the menu offering a not-so-traditional dish, Seafood Gumbo. It is unexpected and can be made ahead so all attention can be on the game and not in the kitchen. And the longer it sits, the better it gets. Pair this with other comfort foods, casual décor and an easy self-serve bar, and we’re ready. 

The Mood 

A late summer, early fall start time for the football season usually greets us with warm temperatures during the day that is perfect for an ice-cold beer, and a cool fall breeze at night that may leave us with a fire in the porch fireplace. The atmosphere, no matter the temperature outside, is warm, fun, and inviting – and hopefully, celebratory – with the War Chant playing in the background on repeat. A few descriptors of the gathering:  

  • Spirited 
  • Inviting 
  • Interactive 
  • Fun 
  • Entertaining 
  • Celebratory  

The Colors 

Gameday colors paired with complementary neutrals help pull the look together.  

 A {Coquette}, Gold, and Neutral Football Watch Party Color Palette:  

  • Coquette 
  • White 
  •  Gold 
  •  Black 

Stay tuned for a finished look and get inspired to host your own gameday watch party with this done-for-you curated gathering. 

Laura and Milton 

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