Mood Board: Christmas Eve by Candlelight

Let’s Plan a Gathering  

Join me and my family as we gather in my home for a peaceful and serene Christmas Eve by Candlelight celebration.  
Each year we typically gather at my mom’s home since it can accommodate our larger family, however this year it is my turn to host as we celebrate my new home and create new traditions for my family. 


The Inspiration  

My vision for the evening is to enjoy the slowness of the occasion with a room dimly lit by candles and warm, neutral décor throughout. 
I was inspired by the neutral hues and gold accents found in our O Holy Night Collection and found that this would be the perfect choice to add to the ambiance of our peaceful gathering. 


The Mood  

There is always a sense of pure excitement and anticipation surrounding Christmas Eve but also an appreciation for a moment of calm as the busy season is nearing to an end. I want guests to feel relaxed when they arrive but also ready to join in the excitement of Christmas Eve. 

A Few Descriptors of My Gathering: 

  • Peaceful  

  • Exciting  

  • Anticipatory  


The Colors  

A touch of gold paired with neutral ecru and notes of olive green to complete the warm and serene holiday feel. 

Featured Hues:  

  • Classic Gold  

  • Serene Silver  

  • Olive Green 

  • Neutral Ecru 


So, what’s left to plan for this gathering? 

Now that I have a vision in mind and the overall look of the gathering planned, the next step is to send the invites (most likely a text to the family) and plan the menu for the gathering. I’m picturing a calm and inviting setting of classic tunes and a delicious Vanilla Espresso Martini to serve at the door.   




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