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Article: Johnson Family Go-To Gifts For 2023

Johnson Family Go-To Gifts For 2023
Courtney On...

Johnson Family Go-To Gifts For 2023

The season for all things merry and bright is in full swing, and so is gift shopping for our friends and family! Curating a list of go-to gifts can help you gift the best presents for neighbors, friends, and family members in bulk, and choosing complementary items to go with them adds a thoughtful touch to show them how much you care. Putting just a little extra effort into choosing complementary gifts, or even a particularly festive gift wrap, can go a long way in making your gift something you’ll be proud to give {and they’ll be thrilled to receive!}.

We've handpicked exactly what we're giving our nearest and dearest this holiday season as our go-to gifts and sharing our picks with you.  

Laura, Founding Artist and CEO: 

This year, my go-to gift is our Signature White Ruffle Bowl with a custom orchid arrangement created by my in-law, Ginger Proctor, owner of Brookwood Designs. These arrangements make beautiful gifts year-round, but there’s something about how she adds little festive touches during the holidays that make them extra special. Plus, I love knowing the arrangement adds life to their home for the holidays and well into the new year...even after the holiday décor is gone! 

For a gift with a little more “wow” factor, I’ll upgrade to the next size up, our Signature White 9in Ruffle Bowl. 

Kyle, Creative Director: 

I couldn’t resist choosing a mix of our Limited Edition Collaboration Designs with Bauble Stockings as my go-to-gifts this year. Keeping true to the purpose and meaning behind the Bauble Stocking tradition, I’ll add a little something inside based on the recipient!  

For friends and neighbors, I’ll add a gift card to our local coffee shop or Coton Colors if I know they have their eye on something. 

For family and those a little nearer and dearer {taking inspiration from Bauble Stockings founder, Kate!}, I’ll enclose a clever gift or a clue to a gift picked specially for each of them. 

Sara Kate, Brand Photographer: 

I love gifting our giant Fundamental Wood Ruffle Bowls like the 19in, 16in, and 13in bowls for dinners and parties. It’s a perfect gift for a close friend who loves to host when paired with the complementary Fundamental Wood Ruffle Salad Server Set. I plan to tie them up with a big, green bow for a striking gift presentation!  

Mary Parker, Merchandising Manager: 

My go-to-gift this holiday season is without a doubt our new Gold Scallop Ice Bucket with a bottle of my favorite bubbly champagne: Mumm Napa, and festive cocktail napkins, like our Flying Santa cocktail napkins or our Balsam and Berry cocktail napkins, to tie it up together. This has been my go-to gift all year long as these were my hostess gifts to all who hosted a special event for mine and Whit’s wedding.   


Marcie, Fulfillment Center Director:  

I love giving a cleverly wrapped gift to make a striking presentation for neighbors and friends. This year, I’m putting together a thoughtful little bundle to include: 

    Courtney, Finance Director: 

    I love baking, so this year, I’m stocking up on a few Red Stripe Ruffle Loaf Pans to use as a vessel to bake up a big batch of my favorite festive holiday treat - Buttery Pound Cake with Nutella Swirl to share with friends. I’ll wrap it with cellophane and tie it with ribbon. 

    To me, giving some sort of homemade treat {even if it’s something super simple}, makes the gift a little more personal, and incorporating the loaf pan helps bring it all together with festive packaging while also adding something they can enjoy after the last bite of cake is gone! 

    Taylor, Atlanta Flagship Store Owner: 

    Like Courtney, I always enjoy gifting something sweet during the holidays and in my opinion, there is nothing better than my mother in law’s homemade poundcake recipe. You may think I’m biased, but after years of gifting these coveted loaves, I’ve learned that they’re a crowd pleaser for all!  

    Since this particular family recipe is a secret, I enjoy this as my go-to gift year after year, but like to switch up the accompanying pieces to create the finished curated gift. This year, I will be gifting this with the Balsam and Berry Ruffle Round Platter for my recipients to set out and use over the holiday season when entertaining. 

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