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Article: Our Guide to Anniversary Gifts with a Twist

Our Guide to Anniversary Gifts with a Twist

Our Guide to Anniversary Gifts with a Twist

We love the tradition behind the time-honored anniversary presents that are {supposed to be} given each year. But who says gift giving has to be played by the rules?  

We’re sharing some of our favorite {and unique} gifts that are sure to make any upcoming anniversaries unforgettable. Get inspired by these not-so-traditional gifts that your loved one will cherish for years to come.  

 25 Anniversary Gifts with a Twist

1st PAPER  

Remember the good, silly, and romantic times with a book, like our Celebrate Us Book, that will help you celebrate for years to come. Jot down your favorite memories together to ensure you’ll treasure them always.    

2nd COTTON  

Now that you have a new monogram, put it on new plush towels that will stand the test of time {we love Weezie Towels!}.    


Prepare for your next trip with a vegan leather luggage tag so you never lose or mix up your bags. Pair it with a Happy Travels Luggage Mini Attachment from our sister brand, Happy Everything! By Laura Johnson, to affix to a picture frame with interchangeable décor. 


Gift a thoughtfully arranged bouquet of your spouse’s favorite flowers in our classic and neutral Signature White Ruffle Vase.  

5th WOOD  

Surprise them with a sophisticated monogrammed cutting or serving board with a sentimental recipe.  


Gift them a monthly candy subscription {we love theCLUB from Shotwell Candy Co.} to ensure they always have something sweet.  


Few things are quite as cozy as the sight of a polished copper pot on a stovetop. 


We have to shamelessly plug ourselves for this one! Every Coton Colors piece comes to life through the work of our design team in Tallahassee, Florida. We artfully design our products from start to finish to inspire you to never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day. 


9th LINEN  

Revamp the table with a set of classic linen napkins to add a touch of elegance.  


Welcome them home to the smell of a yummy dinner cooking away in an aluminum Dutch Oven.  

11th STEEL  

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a new pair of stainless steel cufflinks or jewelry. 

12th SILK 

There’s nothing like the gift of a good night’s sleep, making silk pillowcases just the thing! We prefer Slip’s silk pillowcases. {Did we mention they also have robes and eye masks?}  


To keep with the trend of sleep, fresh new bed sheets make an excellent gift.  

14th IVORY  

Elevate your cutlery with faux ivory steak knives.   

15th CRYSTAL  

Personalize crystal wine glasses with a monogram or wedding date so you can toast in style to your 15th year.  


Celebrate each morning together with a cup of joe. It’s no secret that we’re partial to Tallahassee-based Lucky Goat Coffee Company. Pair it with a coffee mug to show your love.


Choose a bottle of wine or liquor to save and open when your next celebration occurs {bonus points for creative labels that incorporate the number 17}.  


When you’re the perfect mix, then you simply must have an automatic stand mixer {like this KitchenAid® Artisan Stand Mixer} to celebrate 18 sweet years!  

19th BRONZE  

Nothing pulls a dinner party together quite like a sophisticated bronze bar cart to serve up appetizers or cocktails!    

20th CHINA  

Add to your original wedding China with an item you never received from your registry or an updated piece from a new collection from Herend China.  

21st FIRE  

Enjoy a candlelit lit dinner to celebrate 21 years of marriage. Cheers!  

22nd WATER  

There’s no better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a relaxing trip to the beach like our home away from home, Alligator Point!  

23rd AIR  

Fly somewhere new! Whether by plane or hot air balloon, this will be an anniversary to remember.  

24th STONE  

Enjoy some rest and relaxation with a couple’s hot stone massage.  

25th SILVER  

Remember this significant milestone in life with a silver Happy Anniversary Personalized Glass Ornament. Personalize it with your 25th year or both of your names to signify the love between the two of you. 

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