Ornament Storage

Celebrating the Christmas season begins when we start placing ornaments on the tree! Ornaments capture our personal history and effortlessly bring to mind our memories of Christmases past and evoke hope for joy in Christmas present. Preserving these cherished pieces of holiday décor is essential for enjoying them for years to come. Ornament storage is the answer to the safe keeping of your personalized glass ornaments.

The ornaments that tell your story are best protected in ornament storage boxes at the end of each season. Our Mint Dot Ornament Collection Box safely holds eight of your handcrafted ornaments, boxed and protected from the elements until the next holiday season. You can store your décor essentials or provide a playful twist on a seasonal ornament by displaying it on one of our stylish metal stands throughout the year.

You can organize your ornaments by season or theme with our essential ornament storage boxes. Finding your collegiate-themed ornaments all together before the big rivalry game makes you the winner at your gathering before it starts! Personalized ornaments capture our personal history of cherished moments and memories and can be effortlessly gathered to keep your focus on entertaining. Grab-and-go ornaments pair nicely with a Coton Colors ornament collection box, convenient and ready to go for those occasions that call for a little something special.

Keep your ornaments safe and ready to celebrate each season with a Coton Colors ornament storage box.

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