Make mealtime even more fun for your family with our decorative melamine dishes! Our mealtime collection features fun and vibrant designs guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. From adding a pop of color to the kids' table to making summer shindigs in the backyard even more festive, these plates are the perfect combination of durability and design.

Entertaining for all seasons starts by stocking up on decorative melamine dishes that give a playful twist to a casual gathering of friends or an impromptu dinner party. Add a playful addition to an everyday meal with the I Love You To The Moon Melamine Dinner Plate. Host a delightful dinner party and include kids in the celebration with the Bunny Trail Melamine Dinner Plate. Celebrate all of life’s moments together with melamine dishes that offer a dinnerware solution with a playful twist. 

Our melamine mealtime collection celebrates designs ranging from Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween to Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and unicorns. No matter the occasion, these dishwasher-safe melamine plates make it easy to celebrate every day. Take home your favorite or collect all of the melamine dishes to celebrate all of life’s moments with decorative entertaining essentials.

Add excitement to every meal with our mealtime collection of melamine plates.

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