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Article: Mood Board: Havana Nights Gathering

Mood Board: Havana Nights Gathering

Mood Board: Havana Nights Gathering

Let’s Plan a Gathering 

For us, a midsummer birthday party is always fun to plan because in our line of work, this season tends to allow for a little more of a flexible creative process than say... a gathering during the height of the holidays does! And, boy, did we have fun pulling this look together as a stark contrast to some of the recent gatherings we’ve hosted. 
Mom’s birthday is June 24, and as we brainstormed ideas for celebrating her earlier this year, we toyed with the idea of a Miami girls’ trip. As the day drew near, we realized with as many family celebrations and milestones we have happening, we couldn’t quite swing a trip, but we could bring a little bit of Miami to Tallahassee in the form of a themed gathering we’ve fittingly named, ‘Havana Nights.’ 


The Inspiration 

We grew up with stories from our moms’ and grandparents’ Miami lifestyle in the 60's and 70's which served us greatly when pulling inspiration for this lively look.  
The first decision that kicked off the rest of the theme was the All-Cuban cuisine menu. 
Pro Tip: The menu is an important party element that can be a main source of inspiration for a theme! 
From there, curated the final color palette by layering our new bold, black Crew Collection with a punchy Pomegranate tablecloth. As a nod to the classic old Florida feel so prevalent in Miami, we scouted centerpiece components to bring the whole festive look together. 


The Mood 

Taking a cue from the Cuban cultural influence in Miami, we knew we had to bring the same vibrancy and bold colors you can experience on a visit, or for our family, a visit back “home.”  
We wanted our newest Crew Collection to set the scene with a rich, black foundation and then add a punch of color with table décor, linens, and the menu. 


The Colors 

“Bold, Bright, and Black” were three key descriptors for this gathering’s color palette. A stark contrast to other recent gatherings we’ve hosted like the Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon with a clean white color palette starring our Signature White pieces or the easy and breezy feel of our By The Bay Gathering with Iris Blue Collection as the main feature... which is a win since our family gathers together so often! 
A Havana Nights Color Palette:  
  • Black 
  • White 
  • Persimmon 
  • Hot Pink 
  • Brass 
  • Green hues 
Stay tuned for the finished look, and get inspired to host your own Havana Nights Gathering with this done-for-you curated gathering whether it be for a potluck neighborhood party, an extra-festive dinner party, or a supper club theme.  

Kyle, Sara Kate, and Mary Parker 

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