Mood Board: Give Thanks

Let’s Plan a Gathering 

Thanksgiving is always a festive and meaningful holiday for us as it is centered around the most important thing in our lives...being together with family and friends. For us, the more the merrier at our table!  

When I imagine a Thanksgiving celebration, I immediately picture a room full of family overflowing with laughter and conversation as we reminisce on the year and simply enjoy the time gathered around the table. 

Join me as I plan to gather my family and friends from near and far for an extra special Give Thanks celebration.


The Inspiration  

Although sometimes we opt for an unexpected style for our Thanksgiving spread, we’re keeping things very traditional this year to indulge our Swiss guests who don’t typically celebrate this holiday. A set table is a must at our Give Thanks gathering with plenty of icons of the season and layered textures of fall foliage.  


The Mood  

This year, the mood of our Thanksgiving celebration is all about togetherness. We’ll enhance a mostly relaxed and casual affair with a few extra-festive touches. 

A Few Descriptors of my Give Thanks Gathering:  

  • Warm  

  • Comforting  

  • Togetherness  


The Colors  

For my gathering, I plan to build on the warm hues of our Thanksgiving Collection designs and use our Dusk color palette as the foundation of our overall look. 

Dusk Color Palette:  

  • Pumpkin 

  • Pine 

  • Olive 

  • Brass 

  • Blush 

  • Metallic Gold 


So, what’s left to plan for this gathering? 

Well, the menu of course! Arguably the most important part of any Thanksgiving celebration. After I send the invites and pull my favorite décor pieces, I’ll begin drafting the perfect menu. Thanksgiving is actually pretty easy to execute because we have a very strict “must have or a riot will ensue” menu, but I always enjoy shaking it up a bit each year and adding a few newer dishes. We’ll see what I decide to introduce to the mix...stay tuned.  


Want to host a Give Thanks Gathering of your own? Print the mood board above, start scheming, and stock up on everything you need here. We’d love to take a seat at your table {even if it has to be virtually!}, so be sure to post the finished product and tag us @cotoncolors and #celebratewithCC so we can cheers to you, too!  


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