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Article: Mood Board: Fondue of You

Mood Board: Fondue of You

Mood Board: Fondue of You

Let’s Plan a Gathering  

Join me as I plan to get a little ‘cheesy’ this Valentine’s Day with a fondue-inspired gathering where we will share a warm and hearty meal while we catch up around the table and toast to love of all kinds! 


The Inspiration

When choosing an intentional mood or desired look or feel of a gathering, we often find inspiration in featured ingredients or menu items. When I settled on cozy and casual intentions for my Valentine’s Day gathering, I knew Fondue would lend itself to be the perfect source of inspiration to bring the rest of the party together. Plus, my husband Réne {being Swiss!} can lead the preparation of the main course with his inherent expertise. 


The Mood

For me, Valentine’s Day can be a day to celebrate the ones we love a little more than usual...or it can be like any other day! It truly depends on the year. This year, I plan to get a little more festive, but I still want the gathering to feel comforting and cozy. 

A few descriptors of the gathering:  

  • Cozy 

  • Warm 

  • Intimate  



The Colors  

When I imagined how the rest of the serving spread would come together, I wanted to keep things classic and cohesive. Taking color notes from our Valentine’s Day Collection palette, I’ll lean into the traditional tonal reds and pinks of the holiday.  
Rosy hues will set the tone for my Fondue of You gathering. I plan to feature the color palette featured in our Valentine’s Day collection as my main source of inspiration while including a few neutral tones to complement the collection. 


So, what’s left to plan for this gathering? 

Now that I have the overall vision planned and the theme set, the next step is preparing the fondue spread of course. I’m picturing us perched around the kitchen island enjoying delicious fondue cheeses and accompanying sides...sounds like a dreamy evening, doesn’t it?


Want to host a Fondue of You Gathering of your own? Print the mood board above, start scheming, and stock up on everything you need here. We’d love to take a seat at your table {even if it has to be virtually!}, so be sure to post the finished product and tag us @cotoncolors and #celebratewithCC so we can cheers to you, too! 

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