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Article: Gumbo & the Game Gathering

Gumbo & the Game Gathering

Gumbo & the Game Gathering

It’s finally here, football season. And as lifelong fans of the Florida State University football team, the Seminoles, our house is usually packed with family and friends every Saturday during fall. While tailgating at the stadium is always fun, there really is nothing like gathering family and friends in our home to catch a game.  

The Gathering 

Our football game watch parties are typically casual and include as many people as the house can hold – no invite needed. The regulars are always there, and everyone is free to bring whomever they want, no matter what their team of choice may be. 

The Table 

Since guests typically find their favorite spots throughout our home and stay put to watch the game, there’s no formal table needed.  

The Serving Spread 

Setting up a self-serve buffet makes guests feel comfortable and gives Milton and I more time to enjoy the game. 

To honor our favorite team, we use garnet {coquette} napkins as the star of the show. Our Crew Collection’s Arabesque Black Trim Scallop Dinner Plates work perfectly to hold our Seafood Gumbo-filled Signature White Rimmed Small Bowls and Beer Bread. We also have: 

  • Plates 
  • Soup Bowls 
  • Spoons 
  • Dinner Napkins 
  • Dessert Bowls 
  • Small Pitcher 

The Menu 

We like to serve our oh-so-delicious Seafood Gumbo that can be ladled into a bowl and enjoyed anywhere in the house. Beer bread on the side adds a hearty crunch. Bread pudding with whiskey sauce, a simple dessert that packs a punch, adds the finishing touch to the gameday meal.   


  • Seafood Gumbo 
  • Beer Bread 


  • Locally brewed beer 
  • Variety of red and white {garnet and gold} wine 
  • Whiskey + Coke 


  • Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce  

Keeping the gumbo hot in a Dutch oven with a ladle to serve and Signature White Rimmed Small Bowls to fill is convenient for guests to grab and sit down.  

A platter full of thick sliced Beer Bread going with the gumbo invites guests to grab a tasty slice to dip into their gumbo.  

Individually filled Black Arabesque Trim Scallop Bowls of bread pudding can be lined up on the table come dessert time. The whiskey sauce can be kept in an accompanying Signature White Ruffle Cream pitcher for guests to add themselves, or you can drizzle it on each serving.     

The Bar 

At the bar, we keep it simple and self-serve, offering several wine selections and assorted beers. Whiskey and coke, a classic tailgate cocktail, is also available for anyone who wants to take part. We also have the following at the bar: 

  • Glasses 
  • Cocktail Napkins 

The Music 

No matter how the game goes, we keep the Florida State University War Chant playing on repeat to show off our Seminole spirit.  

The Final Look 

Our gameday gatherings are full of spirit, tasty food, family, friends, good drinks, and, most importantly, football. For your next football game watch party, we hope you are inspired to do the same!  

Laura & Milton 

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