Brand We Love: Sabre

Meet, Sabre

A brand that combines style with inventive designs to bring a unique approach to traditional cutlery. When we first discovered Sabre, we knew the intricate styles would bring a complementary look to our collections.  
First established in 1993, Sabre is a company located in Paris, France that focuses on providing a high-quality craftsmanship of household cutlery and utensils for every host. 

“As Francis Gelb, founder of the Sabre brand, says, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth creates vocations. Born into a family of goldsmiths and immersed in the world of cutlery from an early age, he wanted to combine the meticulous work of the craft with his taste for colour, materials and shapes.” 

About Sabre

After partnering with his family’s goldsmith business for more than 6 years, Francis Gelb wanted to introduce his own line of cutlery collections that would provide an artisanal design into homes throughout France.  

Thus, Sabre was born and established as a unique and stylish cutlery brand that would break the mold for common kitchen utensils and rather bring a handcrafted form of art into everyday dining.   

“Sabre's first collection, with printed handles, reflects its philosophy of departing from the world of traditional tableware. Laying out cutlery like a row of onions does nothing to reveal the Sabre spirit... Instead presenting the cutlery like a bouquet of flowers is so much more effective!” 

Francis Gelb has an eye for design and artistic creations. Today, Sabre has created over twenty models of varying colors, textures, and materials all while maintaining the highest regard for quality craftsmanship.   


Pairing Sabre with our Collections  

The collectability of the unique cutlery designs provides an opportunity for mixing and matching styles to create your custom tablescape design.  

One of our favorite collections from Sabre is the Bistrot Tortoise Collection which features a stylish tortoise shell inspired pattern on the flatware handle that instantly brings an elevated look to any gathering. 
We love to pair this collection from Sabre with our current Blush Collection for a collaboration of neutral hues and subtle notes of blush that pairs well for any celebration.  


Where to Shop 

We knew the intricate designs from Sabre would be a match made with our dinnerware collections and we are thrilled to say you can find the Bistrot Tortoise Collection from Sabre in our Atlanta and Tampa Flagship Stores. Visit us today or call to order your set of utensils and embark on styling your table with the fine details and unique designs from Sabre.


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Such beautiful utensils! Can’t wait to get my own.

Ashley October 26, 2022

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