3 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Everyday

January can be a daunting month for some. The pressure to set New Year's resolutions, write out big goals or initiatives, or feel the need to kickstart dozens of new habits can be overwhelming. Change is good and growth is better, but let's give ourselves a bit of a break following the hustle and bustle of a holiday season, shall we?! 

Here at Coton Colors, our planning year starts February 1, so we're all more inclined to go a bit easier on ourselves in January and use February 1 as an official new year "start date." Who’s with us?! 

Speaking of going easy on ourselves, while we're big fans of setting lofty, ambitious goals {we're an entrepreneurial company, after all!}, we thought we'd drop in to deliver 3 easy ways to elevate your everyday life and make it a little extra extraordinary this year.

3 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Everyday

1. Update 1 item you interact with daily. 

    Pause to take a quick look around your surroundings - notice anything that maybe naturally worked its way into your life, but you've just been "making do" with it? Is anything chipped? Does anything not function as best as it could? Updating just one item that you interact with daily can lift your mood, make a key moment in your day a little easier, or just look a little better. 

    Stumped? Think of the coffee or tea mugs you reach for each morning. The flower vase on your dining table or living room shelf {if you even have one!} could make your space feel more finished if it was full of fresh blooms more frequently. Make “good morning's” and “good night's” a little sweeter by updating the picture frame on your nightstand... and make sure the picture that goes in it is a moment you want to remember each and every day!  

    Even something small like adding a sweet little ring dish to your bathroom or kitchen counter can inspire a renewed habit and look good to boot! You don't have to go crazy, just upgrading a few little corners that you see or touch in your daily life can go a long way in boosting your mood each day. 

    2. Set the table! 

      Setting the table can seem daunting to do every single day - especially if you consider family dinner as another “check” in the box on the daily list of to-dos rather than an opportunity for connection or togetherness.  

      Even if it's just dinner for two, we encourage you to set the table most nights (even weeknights, and even for take-out!) to add more meaningful moments in your daily life.  

      Hint: Look back at Tip #1. If you're feeling like your everyday dinnerware could be upgraded, we're here to help! You don't have to set an elaborate tablescape, but having a set table can help create a space you love and a sense of togetherness. Start small by setting a casual table and go from there. Set out colorful placemats or vibrant napkins and a dinner plate with your utensils, and your table is set.   

      3. Take note of special little moments... literally. 

        Intentionally stopping to reflect on the day and capture even the littlest moments can change your life. Writing these moments down seals them to memory and gives you an opportunity to look back and remember them fondly. We designed our Celebrate Every Day Books for that very purpose - to see how each day in your life progresses year over year! 

        Cheers to a new year! We have a feeling that by celebrating little wins such as these... it will be the best yet.  

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