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Our Story

We really have a lot of fun creating unique ways to celebrate every day.

It's amazing to think that painting a few cotton shirts for my family could pave the way to an incredibly fulfilling career. My passion in life led me to study art in college, and I am so fortunate to have been lucky enough to turn that passion into a successful business.

From the early days of painting in my garage, I eventually moved into a professional design studio where the business was finally able to come together. Early on, we focused mainly on cotton apparel, which lent directly to our name, Coton Colors. As we grew, the business evolved to another level, my most favorite medium, pottery.

Always a hobby of mine, the introduction of the pottery collection became a reality when friends enjoyed the personalized plates I painted for my daughters and nieces. As more family and friends spotted the pottery pieces, special orders and customized requests began to flow in and the foundation of Coton Colors as we are today began.

We work in the wholesale and retail markets, owning our own retail shops as well as selling merchandise in stores nationwide. I'm incredibly proud to design and manufacture colorful, handcrafted pottery, creative giftware and seasonal pieces to live life and style. It has been our great honor to create designs for a wide variety of celebrities and charities, including the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We are thrilled to announce in 2012 a new giving program - Attached to a Cause -

partnering with deserving nonprofit organizations throughout our nation to give significant donations. We love sharing HAPPY with those who need it most. Coton Colors designs are inspired

by the celebrations of life, with collectible pieces fit for every occasion.

We are constantly brainstorming to create new, enjoyable products to provide our customers with fresh and innovative designs, which are debuted throughout the year at wholesale trade shows.

Despite the growth and expansion of our company, we strive to maintain an intimate atmosphere. With my parents and sister working alongside of me, Coton Colors has truly remained a family business. Small town charm combined with creative and quality products set Coton Colors apart from the rest.


Coton Colors Through the Years

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