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Happy Everything Big Platter - Neutral DotHappy Everything Big Platter - Neutral Dot

The Neutral Dot Happy Everything Big Platter (our Original size) is a 16-inch round ceramic platter with over 70 attachment options, each easily interchangeable on the platter with Velcroィ. The Neutral color palette shares the Happy Everything statement in a simple manner for those with more subtle palettes. The platter comes with the Party Hat Big Attachment to get your collection started and to help you find a little Happy in EVERYTHING!

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Happy Everything Big Platter - Neutral Dot
  • Neutral Dot Happy Everything Big Platter
  • Velcro strip for securing attachments.
  • Comes with Party Hat Attachment.
  • Plate Stand not included.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 16rd
  • Color: Neutral
  • Pattern: Dot
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

Product Reviews

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Happy February 18, 2016

I saw the Happy Everything platter in pictures somewhere on the internet years ago and thought that's adorable. Then for several years searched high and low on the internet trying to figure out if it who made the platter and where I could find it. Fast forward to 2016 and I FINALLY stumbled onto Coton Colors. I recently moved from Italy to the United States and this is a very pleasant addition to my home. I have the big platter sitting in my hallway so that I pass it every morning when I come down the stairs and every evening when I go up the stairs. I look forward to collecting many attachments! Also love that there is a rewards system. the line can get expensive, but it's nice to know that "perks" can be earned. Buy this many attachments. . . and you basically get one free:)

Happy May 6, 2013

I absolutely LOVE my happy everything platter! I look forward to displaying each special attachment. This perfecyly matches my fiestive personality.

Happy May 4, 2013

I purchased the Happy Everything large neutral plate and base and got the birthday hat, pineapple and champagne bottle. I thought I'd be fine with those, but then I have wanted to get a new attachment for every holiday, plus more! I adore my Happy Everything plate and get compliments on it every time I have company! I consider it my prized possession! It adds so much to our home and it makes me happy every day!

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