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We frequently get questions about personalization. Here’s some helpful information about personalization so you can make your mark with signature style!

How much does personalization cost?

Personalization for ornaments with Ornament Paint Pen in our Personalization Shop ranges between $2.50 - $4.50 per ornament. The cost for monogramming a single product in our Personalization Shop with either vinyl or heat press is $10.00 per item. Personalization of pottery by either Pottery Paint Pen or Pottery Bake Paint Pen is also $7.50 per item.

Which paint pen application will be applied to my pottery?

There are two different pottery paint pen applications available and is dependent on the individual product selected. The Pottery Paint Pen application is currently available only for Happy Everything Attachments. This application is not food safe. The Pottery Bake Paint Pen application is available for all other pottery items in the personalization shop. This application is food safe.

Note: Product care for each application is different. For more detailed care instructions, refer to the question: How do I care for my personalized pottery?

How long will my personalized items take to receive?

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of personalized items. Please note, these items may ship separately from other items in your order. Express shipping is not available.

Which fonts, colors and styles can I choose?

All ornaments will be personalized with Coton Colors signature handwriting. Monogrammable products typically have one to four monogram styles to choose from with designer selected font styles and color options. See individual products for details about color and font availability. Please note, we do not offer custom fonts or colors, and only one font and one color can be selected per personalization. We cannot mix font or colors on an item.

Can I cancel an order or return a personalized item?

Orders for personalized items cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned except due to defect. Coton Colors is not responsible for personalization misspellings. Please, check your personalization to ensure your message is spelled correctly.

How do I care for my personalized pottery?

For pottery personalized through the application of custom cut vinyl lettering knives should be avoided to maintain integrity and avoid scratching. Hand washing with mild detergent and a soft cloth is recommended for all vinyl applications. Harsh cleaners and abrasives should be avoided.

For items personalized with the Pottery Paint Pen {Happy Everything Attachments}, damp wipe with water only. Avoid rubbing application area. Not dishwasher or food safe. Hand wash only is recommended for any pottery with Velcro. Dishwasher use, temperature extremes and abrasives should be avoided.

Items personalized with the Pottery Paint Bake pen are both food and dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended. Temperature extremes and abrasives should be avoided.

How do I care for my personalized linens?

Linens are personalized using heat press. This process uses the thermal transfer of letters to create a flat, permanent personalization that is imprinted onto your chosen linen.

With this application, linens are machine washable on cold wash setting. Air dry is preferred, but linens can be tumble dried on a low heat setting. Ironing on the reverse side of the personalization application site is recommended for all linen items.

How do you determine where to place personalization on my chosen ornament? 

Name placement is determined to emphasize the artistic nature of the ornament’s design. Discretion will be used in placement of names if the number of characters would require a change from that shown.

How do you pluralize names for personalization?

The traditional pluralization of names does not include an apostrophe.
Correct Example: Carters or The Carters
Incorrect Example: Carter’s or The Carter’s

When a last name ends in s, es, ch, sh, x, or z, an “es” is traditionally added.
Examples: Lewises or The Lewises, Hendrixes or The Hendrixes, Alvarezes or The Alvarezes

Plural personalization may also be achieved through the addition of “The” {family name} “Family”
Example: The Lewis Family

Coton Colors is not responsible for misspellings. Personalization will be shown as entered, so please check your entry for correct capitalization and spelling.