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Laura On: Planting My Garden

Thu, June 15, 2017

As much as I love the idea of gardening, I am really not the best gardener. I have such ambitious plans at planting time, with big dreams of bountiful harvests, but my dreams tend to go unrealized. Still, being the eternal optimist I am, I plant my big garden box often throughout the year. I can get swept up in all of those little pots full of such potential and the overwhelming seed selection at our local garden center. The heirloom seeds are my favorite, with such artistic designs on their little packets – they have me hooked.

But alas, this spring I restrained myself and kept it very simple, planting only two varieties - tomatoes and basil. They are my absolute favorite to enjoy together throughout the summer. Yum!

I thought maybe simplifying my selection would keep me focused and keep my lofty dreams under control. Milton picked out some small pots of tomatoes for me. Funnily enough, he chose two varieties named “Parks” – my nephew’s name. Perhaps Parks will bring us luck come harvest time? We are off to a great start so far with the fresh basil and enjoy it often. Nothing edible yet on the tomato front, but the little plants have grown and are covered in small green tomatoes with pretty flowers showing signs of a delicious summer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!




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