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Oh what fun!

My creative side works best last minute.  As hard as I try to plan ahead to make my life easier I always end up coming up with the best gift ideas just before it is time to give them.

My friend Sally called me yesterday and asked what I was getting the girls for Christmas this year.  I told her it was WAY too early to know. Christmas is a good week away and I haven’t been struck with creativity yet...

My girls have sent me their Christmas lists (complete with links!) that include the typical teenage girl stuff... boots, clothes, make up, etc.  But Sally wasn't asking about those gifts, she was asking about the BIG one.  The surprise.  The one gift that will make a memory.

What will it be this year you ask??  Well, I'm still waiting for the idea to strike me! Let's hope my inspiration comes before the 25th!! ;-)

As all of our children are now in their late teens and early 20’s it is getting harder.  It was easy when they were little.  I have purchased rabbits on Christmas Eve. (As pets, not for Christmas dinner!) I have had playhouses delivered by crane.  I have had giant canoes placed in the living room.

So what is next?  How can we WOW them and give us all a fun time to enjoy?  The surprise gift doesn't has to be expensive.  (According to my husband, it doesn’t have to be living, although I am always in favor of this...) It just has to wow!  It has to be unexpected.  It has to result in your children saying “remember when we got…”.

Here are a few BIG things they definitely won't be getting this year.

As I said it is far too early for my creative side to cooperate.  Please share with me your “WOW! gifts this year and in years past.  I’ll be sure to pass them on to Sally.


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