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Kyle On: How to Organize Your Kitchen


After Warren and I got married last New Year’s Eve, I was so excited to move into our first home together and begin organizing our kitchen – making dinner is one of our favorite things to do together each night. Once I moved into the house I realized the kitchen was very tiny! While I love our new home, the lack of cabinet space had me a tad worried I wouldn’t be able to fit everything once we combined all our things. It was important to me to maintain functionality while still having it match our style. I have gathered a few tips for organizing your kitchen and pantry to make sure you’re getting the most use of your space while being easy on the eyes.

1.Canisters - Canisters are essential in every pantry or countertop. What I love about them is that they have so many different uses - from storing sugar, flour, coffee or even utensils by the stove. The possibilities are endless!

2.Store Vertically -This tip has been a huge lifesaver with our cabinet and pantry space. By storing large platters vertically we save a ton of room and create “artwork” on our shelves

3.Serving bowls – Stylish serving bowls are a must have! They are multi-functional and are perfect for serving your favorite dish or for storing fresh fruits and vegetables in a pantry or on your countertop.

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