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Kyle on Football Season and Game Day Printables


Growing up in the football town of Tallahassee, football was a necessity of Saturdays in the South. While I love tailgating and the atmosphere of Tallahassee on a home game weekend for FSU, I also love to throw football watch parties at our home for away games. Last year while placing bets and watching the ALWAYS intense Florida State vs. Florida game with friends, we started this friendly football pool wager. It’s a fun way to make everyone feel more apart of the game!

Here’s how to play:

Download our FREE Keep Score Printable (print here )

Fill in the first letter of team name in each square along the row of each quarter (see example)

For The First Quarter, Cut Q1 rows into individual squares and place in Happy Everything Cookie Jar

Each football fan draws one square for each bet they place

The numbers in each square represent the last digit of the score

The two fans with the last digits of the final quarter’s score for each team are the winners for that quarter! {Show us your touchdown dance}

Empty your Happy Everything Cookie Jar and repeat drawings for the next three quarters.

Note: if there isn’t a winner for a quarter, bet rolls over to the next one.

Happy Hosting!


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