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Curate Your Collection – Keep Things Happy!


Do you find yourself dreaming about which attachments to buy next? Do you worry you’ll miss a new attachment at your local retailer, or worse, someone will buy the last one before you do? Does the thought of not having both the Bright and Neutral Platters cause you anxiety?

If so, you may have a passion for Happy Everything. It’s ok… You can admit it. We do too! The question now is how do you continue to “get happy” without losing sight of amazing additions?

The answer is simple. Curate a top-notch collection with our Happy Everything Collector’s Catalog. See what’s new, what’s now and what’s retiring! {Sadly, our retiring classics won’t be re-issued :( }. After all, your collection has an identity.


Think about what contributes to your collection {family, holidays, everyday} and the story it tells about you. How will it grow and change with you, the events in your life, or your family and friends? Then keep track of what you’ve got and what you want. Find your Happy! Then keep it organized.


Easy as... Got It! or Want It!

Find the Happy Everything Collector’s Catalog at a store near you or with your online Happy Everything purchase.


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Remember, to start earning Happy Rewards be sure and create an account at checkout.